About Us

CIBTAC level 3 Beauty Therapy Diploma certified, Donna Thomson has 20 years of massage and beauty therapy experience, with a keen interest in skincare and specialising in Facial Massage. While practising, Donna has also studied extensively in Advanced Aromatherapy, Carrier Oil development and implementation and Organic Skincare. 

As she developed her own practice, Donna clearly determined that there was a gap in the profession for Facial Oils developed from a beauty therapist's view - that being Oils created specifically for different skin types, thus offering a bespoke treatment, hence the creation of Luv My Oil.

“I researched the most appropriate essential and carrier oils best suited to different skin types. Then formulated and tested them accordingly until I found what worked most effectively."  Donna recently mentioned. 

“As a beauty therapist who sees results every day from professional facial massage, I am someone who understands the value of certain oils for certain skin and, combining this with my passion for aroma-therapeutic essential oils, it felt like my whole life’s work has culminated in formulating these unique and special products. By using fresh oils that are full of nourishment combined with the adaptogens from essential oils, a well-formulated facial oil will heal on many levels.” 

Now a critical success factor to Donna’s growing Facial Massage practice, Luv My Oil is proud to be a fully sustainable skincare range, using 100% fresh, vegan, and natural ingredients as well as consciously considered and sustainably sourced packaging. Customers have appreciated using the bamboo dropper not just for its look and feel but because it comes from sustainable forests. Luv My Oil’s bottles are made by a company with a strong 'green planet' ethos and work in a caring, respectful manner towards the planet and producing cosmetic packaging with 90% less plastic. The labels, the tubes and envelopes are all made from recyclable materials and can be recycled or composted. 

Luv My Oil